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Ayesha Martin

Been buying 7 Immune products for the past 2 months for my mum who has Breast Cancer. Since using the Ice Cubes, my mums bloods tests before having the Chemotherapy have been excellent.!! Delivery wait time is also great too, sent out the same day. Can’t fault any of the 7 Immune products whatsoever :-) You get enough in the bottle for 30 ice cubes, so £1 a day for this amazing product is an absolute no brainer. Thank You 7 Immune:-)


I have received and started month 5 of my ice cubes. I have had no illness or virus and regularly get tested for covid19 and so far so good 🤞 and no injuries and been training intense as well. Keep up the good work and helping people. 🙌👍 xx

Rebecca Mottram

9 days in to taking my 7 immune ice and I’m feeling good it’s cleared my bad chest up that I had last week and I started my mum on them yesterday who suffers this time of year with flu like symptoms so if it helps her I’ll be happy be ordering my Nxt bottle in time for my ice trays to be filled up Thankyou 7immumne

Elaine Willcox

I tried 7 Immune ice cubes after having Covid-19 in March and still felt fatigued months later. Every time I tried to exercise, I felt ill days later. After two weeks of taking the cubes I felt my energy levels improved so much so I continued to take them for two months. My eldest son was run down so he took the cubes too and again was back fighting fit. Was this a coincidence or did the recipe give our immune system a boost. I have recommended the cubes to numerous friends & family now, who were willing to give them a try & felt they made a difference.

Carla OBrien

OMG I feel amazing only had three ice cubes I feel a big difference. I will be ordering my next bottle immune ice love it.


Been using 7immune daily for over 12 months, me or my children have never needed a doctors appointment between us in that time. It does what it says on the tin!!!

Alan Cunningham

After 2 days of a niggeling toothache taking painkillers that were knocking the edge off the pain I tried rubbing sensitive toothpaste directly on it which worked for a time then the pain returned my gums and face swelled up (an abscess).
Knowing full well the dentist would only treat me after
the swelling had subsided and would prescribe antibiotics. In desperation I started sipping the 7 immune tea ,every couple of hours ...miraculously within an hour or so the pressure eased swelling now completely gone no more toothache no more yogi bear
Feel great energy abundant I definitely recommend the tea the orange flavour one is great with or without a
Teaspoon of honey.

Darren Creighton

I have been suffering from fibromyalgia syndrome for 15 years plus, tried every medication that was advised by GP's with very little to no effect. 7 immune tea has been a breath off fresh air giving me some much needed relief and hope in being able to live a less stressed and pain free life.
Absolutely amazing product.
I would recommend to anybody with or without a medical condition, it will definitely boost more than just your immune,I feel so much more vitality in my day to day life. If I could give more than 5 ☆☆☆☆☆ I would.


Love this product! The ice cubes are super fast at getting in all the goodness. Feel brighter and more energised and I’m sure my skin is also feeling the benefits! The delivery was super quick - fab service! 100% would recommend!

Jane Clark

After having a problem with a tin of tea which has never happed before, I left a review and as soon as Sam from 7 Immune was aware of the problem he telephoned me and sorted my problem with a refund and a replacement tin of tea on next day delivery. I am very happy with this result and cannot praise Sam enough for his prompt response and his courtesy in dealing with me.

Sharon Kemp

Amazing product ,hopefully this product is helping healing my exczema not been on it long but seems to be really improving thankyou thankyou thankyou 7 immune ❤️

Mode Garston

I’ve suffered really bad for 6 months with tiredness and morning sickness in my pregnancy. (Iv had preg supplements which have made me feel worse) so I was happy to find a organic product to boost my immune system & I honestly feel great 2 weeks on immune ice. I’ve been so much more focused and feel like Iv finally regained ny energy I usually have. Pregnant or not I don’t think I could be without this product now
Delivery was also so quick. Would give 10 stars if I could


Fantastic results..I suffer with back/nerve pain due to slipped disc the pain and discomfort has reduced so much! Also at the time of starting the ice cubes I was in so much pain suffering with plantar fasciitis within 7 days it had gone! I have recommended it to my mum who has osteoporosis and has debilitating arthritic pain in wrist the ice cubes worked wonders her wrist pain completely gone within 10 days ... I can honestly say they are amazing - works out £1 a day (same as a bar of chocolate) I know what I'd rather spend it on!

Natalie Williams

Speedy delivery and nice packaging. I'm not sure if the immune ice is doing what it needs to do yet but I did have a hangover once and took an immune ice cube and within minutes I'd stopped shaking and felt ANAZING, I couldn't believe it. Would recommend just based on this and speedy delivery.

Christine Ord

I can recommend 7 Immune Ice after using it for 1 month now. I have COPD & had a dreadful 6 months last year with continuous chest infections, therefore I was permantly on antibiotics & steroids, the courses ran into the mid teens for both! I've lost a lot of weight as a result, no appetite & have very little energy. This was why I decided to try 7 Immune Ice. I've got my appetite back & appear to have much more energy since starting on 7 Immune Ice. My lungs seem to be getting much more oxygen & I'm definitely coughing less now so I'm sleeping better than before taking 7 Immune Ice. Overall a vast improvement both physically & mentally in my opinion, hence why I'm on my 2nd order of 7 Immune Ice. Thanks guys!



Dissolving the Immune Ice cube under your tongue allows the sublingual veins to rapidly absorb nutrient-rich liquid directly into your bloodstream, bypassing first-pass metabolism and saving a significant amount of nutrients.


Once absorbed, the nutrients travel through systemic circulation - the process of supplying blood rich in oxygen and nutrients to all body cells and tissue.

This blood will travel through veins, arteries and even your heart, providing a potent hit of nutrients in the most crucial areas.


The ingredients contained in our formula have been specifically selected and prepared to ensure a significant amount of nutrients are circulated throughout your body, aiming to boost your immune system.


As a valued regular customer, in exchange for a few comments regarding 7immunes products via a short selfie video, you will receive a month supply of Immune ice & Immune tea worth £60 for free!


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7immune and Cash for Kids are working together to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in our communities who are affected by illness, poverty, neglect or have additional needs.