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Immune Ice

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Created using specifically selected organic ingredients not often found in western diets, Immune Ice has been tried and tested to maximise potency and efficiency.

To ensure we could deliver consistent, effective results, we had to rethink how we provide our formula to the immune system, hence the ice cube.

Using an ice cube allows us to utilise the sublingual and buccal route which comes with several benefits over the traditional oral method.

Finally, due to the method of consumption, our formula is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and systematically circulates through arteries and veins delivering nutrients directly to cells, tissues and organs.

Ingredients specifically tested and selected - ensuring a potent hit of nutrients in every ice cube.

Rapid absorption - allowing effects to take place much faster.

Bypasses first-pass metabolism - increasing effectiveness by up to 10x over traditional oral methods Systematically circulates throughout the consumer's body - maximising potency by delivering nutrients directly into the bloodstream.

Contains - Valencia orange, pineapple core, ginseng, arrowroot, ginger, turmeric and soursop.

To use – When you receive your bottle of 7 Immune, shake thoroughly and allow to settle before pouring the contents into ice cube trays (there are 30 servings per bottle).

Immediately freeze and take daily.

Dosage; We recommend one ice cube a day. In cases of poor health take two daily.

Nutritional Values -

Energy - 21 Kcal

Protein - 0.36g

Total Sugars - 3.46g

Sodium - 5g

Dietary Fibre - 1g

Fat - 0.15g

Of which ; saturates - 0.1g

Monounsaturated 0.1g

Polyunsaturated - 0.1g

Triglyceride Factor = 0.956


*Keep chilled and out of natural daylight.

*See the BBE and freeze within 1 month.