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Immune Ice

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Immune ice is the worlds first immune boosting ice cube!
1 bottle contains 30 servings of ice cubes at 10 ml each.

Our ice cubes are no gimmick and there is a scientific reason behind it.

Put simply, by allowing the ice cubes to dissolve on your tongue they are absorbed sublingually and directly enter the bloodstream much more effectively.

These potent superfruits and root ingredients will boost your immune system and provide your body with vital nutrients.

To use – When you receive your bottle of 7 Immune, shake thoroughly and allow to settle before pouring the contents into ice cube trays (there are 30 servings per bottle).

Immediately freeze and take daily.

Dosage; We recommend 1 ice cube a day and in cases of poor health take 2 daily.


Nutritional Values -

Energy - 21 Kcal

Protein - 0.36g

Total Sugars - 3.46g

Sodium - 5g

Dietary Fibre - 1g

Fat - 0.15g

Of which ; saturates - 0.1g

Monounsaturates 0.1g

Polyunsaturates - 0.1g

Trigylceride Factor = 0.956


*Keep chilled and out of natural daylight.

*See the BBE and freeze within 1 month.