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Immune Tea

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Our immune tea is now available!

35 grams of 7 immune loose root and fruit tea provides you with a months supply at a cup a day.

At just 2 calories per cup, this 100% organic roots & fruits tea is compiled from superfoods harvested worldwide.
Hand prepared, and dehydrated at a low, steady, temperature to preserve maximum nutrients, provides a recipe filled with vital nutrients and maximum bioavailability.

Vital nutrients in a cup...Because there’s only one you ?

We have 3 options for you to try;

Gold edition - this is our original 7 immune recipe.
Silver edition - enhanced with Black pepper to maximise the absorption of turmeric.
Bronze edition - has the subtle hint of Strawberries and additional benefits of even more antioxidants!

To use - to cup or tea strainer, add 1 teaspoon of loose tea, boil the kettle or add any plant based milk of your choice.

Fill your cup halfway ( approx 150ml liquid ). Stir and allow to brew for 1 minute.

Drink and enjoy. If you don’t wish to use a strainer, the tea is full of fibre and perfectly fine to consume and digest.

Feel free to add a little honey or lemon to suit your personal taste.

Dosage. If you would prefer to make a pot of tea, simply add more loose tea. We recommend max 4 cups per day.


Nutritional Values - Per 100ml

Energy - 264Kcal (less than 2 cals per cup)

Protein - 7.22ml

Available Carbohydrate - 35.05ml

Total Sugars - 4.25ml

Sodium - 23ml 

Dietary Fibre - 40.65ml

Fat - 1.50ml

Of which ; Saturates - 0.42ml

Monounsaturates - 0.37ml

Polyunsaturates - 0.65ml

Trigylceride Factor - 0.956


*Store in a cool dark place